Setting up the background process

In order for the ckanext-dcatdonl plugin to function properly, a background process must run at least once a day. This background process retrieves the latest versions of the valuelists and saves these locally. This process is run by executing the following command once a day via a CRON job for example.

python /usr/lib/ckan/default/src/ckanext-dcatdonl/ckanext/dcatdonl/task/

Ensure that the python script has READ and WRITE access to the following directory and its contents

The extension provides a .sh file which executes the above command, this file can easily be added to your servers crontab. This file is located in shell/


The extension can function without the background process running, however this means that the valuelists that are used as part of the DCAT-AP-DONL metadata standard will never be updated.